INES Talent 2021

I am incredibly grateful and proud to have been chosen as one of the INES Showcase Festival Network Talents 2021. I feel so much love for LIVE AT HEART for acknowledging my work and believing in me. Thank you 🖤🙏

So what does this mean? Being an INES Talent means that I have been chosen by my home country to be one of 70 artists out of Europe (and 7 out of Sweden) to get privilege being booked for multiple big music festivals around Europe in 2021.

This means so much to me as in these uncertain times planning to book a tour or playing any live shows at all is very difficult. I am so psyched for 2021 and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that times will change and I will be able to see you out there on the road together with my band next year.

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