Nordic Music Reviews

“I’m captivated straight from the start. It’s a fragile, melancholy opening, which similarly to many tracks on that ‘Hypnoseas’ album, uses sparse instrumentation. Totally exposed, the attention shifts onto the lyrics which are poignant and powerful.”

Thank you for this beautiful review and your continuos support Nordic Music Review 🖤Read the full review HERE.
nordic music reviews

ZoneNights Argentina!

“Es una canción que con solo dar play invita a dar un interminable viaje musical a través de sus melodías.”

Muchas gracias ZoneNights for writing such beautiful words and sharing the music video for “You Deserve So Much More” with Argentina! 🖤 Read the full review and watch the video HERE.

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Come Here Floyd

Thank you Comeherefloyd for really letting my music into your hearts with THIS beautiful review!

“When the chorus hits, your emotions well up with upheaval. Much of the angst and past memories of disappointments and tragedies, frighteningly come up to the surface, and you get angry. Angry about how things have come to this point in time. Angry about how you have been used up like a throw away can. Angry – that the world seems to be against you. But then the supple and empathetic picking and vocals of Gus, calms your soul, in parallel to the person you really ARE. ‘You Deserve So Much More’ is powerful, and in this realm of empowerment, a switch must be turned on. You can’t change the past, so you have only one path to salvation.”


You Deserve So Much More

Feels like a big weight leaving my shoulders as I can now present to you what I have been working very intensely on the last time. The 23rd of November my new song ”You Deserve So Much More” will finally be released and shared with the world through music collective/label Broken Toys.

You can already pre-save the song to Spotify so you will have it first on release day:


The Doors Cover

“To be strange is something I always have treasured. I have a big love for people that dare to be different, because they are brave enough to show who they really are. For me this song is about feeling lonely, but still standing there with a little smirk on your face, looking at everyone else thinking; it’s not me who is strange – it’s you.”

This is my cover of The Doors Classic ”People Are Strange”.

Listen on the links below;

Owl-Eye-Ring Tour 2018

I’m so excited to finally announce this years ”Owl-Eye-Ring Tour”! Owl-Eye-Ring is a dark dreampop collective I started last year together with italian dreamfolk duo SHE OWL. Every year we’ll do one tour with live on stage collaborations and invite one other musician to join us. This year we’ll have my very good friend and cellist/singer-songwriter Julius Österberg with us. See you soon on the road! 

See all tourdates here;

Cover Reviews!

My Dusty Springfield cover is starting to get some recognition! Thanks a lot Unpeeled (UK) and Drevet (SWE)  for reviewing it! 

“This is a song of abandonment, desertion and desolation and Gus Ring tackles that head on and Gus Ring ends up just as involved in, infected and hypnotised by the narrative as Dusty Springfield and her team did.” – Unpeeled (UK)

“Gus Ring ska ha en eloge för att ge sig på den här låten. En medalj i ädlaste valör. Han gör det riktigt bra i all sin enkelhet.” – Drefvet (SWE)


This year has been INTENSE. Releasing my second album “Hypnoseas” on vinyl, touring europe playing over 80 shows, quitting my dayjob to immerse myself completely in music, making a living off of it, moving to another country, creating the musical collective Owl-Eye-Ring. Meeting so many wonderful and unique people, and new friends for life. Some special love to all the people who has helped me make all of this possible, Jackalope – Artist Needs Management, and especially Paul who made this vision of mine become reality with our first tour together in 2016. All the people who has hosted me on my travels, let me in on their lives and shared a part of themselves. My amazing girlfriend who listens, understands and supports me and my passion. Daughters and Sons for believing in me and helping me release “Hypnoseas”, especially Patrik for close contact and nice talks. SHE OWL, my amazing new italian friends who I met this year and now feel like I couldn’t live without, making our dreams come to life together. One day we can eat all the Oplatky we want.

I still can’t believe I am working with music. It’s my dream. It’s amazement over all else. I am so so thankful. Really look forward to share another year of special emotional moments with YOU. Without YOU listening and coming to the shows, this wouldn’t be. Thank YOU