We Deserve So Much More

I have been doing a lot of research about Spotify playlists, and for one reason it makes me kinda sad. There is some very great playlists out there – but a lot of lists just contain the same type of music with the same type of productions. Therefore I decided to make a space for me and my friends music that deserve so much more attention than we have gotten – ”We Deserve So Much More”. If you want to support us and our music, and find some new hidden music gems – follow the list below, tell all your friends about it and give it a spin every now and then. The list is a mix of alternative, dreamy and acoustic music.

Much Love.

Nordic Music Reviews Hypnoseas!

UK’s Nordic Music Reviews reviews Hypnoseas!

“Hypnoseas is an interesting and thoughtfully written album. Undoubtedly the strength comes from the fact than the album in its entirety has more to offer than any individual track. I admire songwriters who don’t always take the simpler options, and this is an album which has far more depth than will probably be apparent on first listen.”

Read the review here: https://www.nordicmusicreview.com/single-post/2017/10/30/In-Short-Gus-Ring—Hypnoseas


Interview and TV Broadcast from Corren.se!

Swedish Newspaper Corren featured me in a full page interview and TV Broadcast about me quitting my job moving to Germany to give all my time for music ❤ Thank you so much for this Marcus!

Read the full interview here (Swedish) – and see a live recording of my song “The Greatest Man On Earth” live at the Corren office: http://mobil.corren.se/kultur-noje/linkopingsmusikern-flyttar-till-tyskland-om4645352.aspx

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