Gus Ring always felt like an outsider. Growing up playing trumpet in orchestras, he later ended up screaming in metal and hardcorebands. From this grew Gus unique style of fragile, dark, melancholic pop. His works has been compared by critics and fans to songwriters like Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice, and bands such as The Cure, Daughter and Wovenhand.

Over the course of two album releases and extensive touring throughout Europe as a solo act Gus Ring’s third album ‘For Us Lonely Souls’ features Jolanda Moletta (She Owl) on keyboards and Fredrik Ottosson on drums. While keeping the eerie melodies and emptiness of 2017 ‘Hypnoseas’ the step out of the previous singer-songwriter outfit has given the trio newfound power to experiment with soundscapes and creative dynamics ranging from fragile minimalism to cinematic crescendos.

With heavy mellotron bass, soaring ambient guitar, classical piano lines, cinematic drums and Gus Ring’s fragile yet powerful voice the trio is creating a dreamlike space of music that allows the listener to just close their eyes and drift away. During live performances, the audience is invited to progressively go deeper and deeper within, finding their innermost sorrow and letting it go.

“Dreampop for bleeding hearts and suffering souls.”

“Gus Ring has something else, something unique, and not even if you’d point a gun to my head would I be able to put my finger on what it is. It’s like a beautiful divine shimmer spreading across the room.”
Ricky Holmqvist,

“It doesn’t become generic for a second, and it’s to say the least, very original.”
Simon Lundberg,

“At a first listen it may sound like every other guitarballad, but inside Gus’s voice and melodies hides a darkness that slowly reveals itself and gives the music such a beautiful nerve.”
Andreas Homanen, Norrköpings Tidningar & Östgöta Correspondenten

imkifi“Gus Ring uses the attributes of the traditional singer-songwriter, but makes it sound like something else, something different.”
I’m Kingfisher

“Präriens elegant!”
Kristian Anttila

“Like a Swedish Jeff Buckley.”
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen

“Gus Ring is sharing cosmic wisdom, and listening to his music is like taking drugs – but without the drugs.”
Art Stalker, Berlin

“A nice mixture of experimental and classic singer-songwriter. You can spot a bad and a good singer-songwriter, and Gus is a good one.”
Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam

“We’ve been watching singer-songwriters all day, and we’re bored with it. Then Gus showed up and did something different.”
Copenhagen Songwriter Festival


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