This year has been INTENSE. Releasing my second album “Hypnoseas” on vinyl, touring europe playing over 80 shows, quitting my dayjob to immerse myself completely in music, making a living off of it, moving to another country, creating the musical collective Owl-Eye-Ring. Meeting so many wonderful and unique people, and new friends for life. Some special love to all the people who has helped me make all of this possible, Jackalope – Artist Needs Management, and especially Paul who made this vision of mine become reality with our first tour together in 2016. All the people who has hosted me on my travels, let me in on their lives and shared a part of themselves. My amazing girlfriend who listens, understands and supports me and my passion. Daughters and Sons for believing in me and helping me release “Hypnoseas”, especially Patrik for close contact and nice talks. SHE OWL, my amazing new italian friends who I met this year and now feel like I couldn’t live without, making our dreams come to life together. One day we can eat all the Oplatky we want.

I still can’t believe I am working with music. It’s my dream. It’s amazement over all else. I am so so thankful. Really look forward to share another year of special emotional moments with YOU. Without YOU listening and coming to the shows, this wouldn’t be. Thank YOU 


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