INES Talent 2021

I am incredibly grateful and proud to have been chosen as one of the INES Showcase Festival Network Talents 2021. I feel so much love for LIVE AT HEART for acknowledging my work and believing in me. Thank you 🖤🙏

So what does this mean? Being an INES Talent means that I have been chosen by my home country to be one of 70 artists out of Europe (and 7 out of Sweden) to get privilege being booked for multiple big music festivals around Europe in 2021.

This means so much to me as in these uncertain times planning to book a tour or playing any live shows at all is very difficult. I am so psyched for 2021 and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that times will change and I will be able to see you out there on the road together with my band next year.

Italian Shoegaze blog reviews For Us Lonely Souls!

“Adesso forse ha trovato la sua dimensione: scrittura pop, profumo post rock, umoralità vagamente dark. Io direi Jeff Buckley + Sigur Ròs, ma andrei a spanne e lascerei per strada un bel po’ delle tante sfumature di questo songwriter fragile e prezioso”
Grazie mille Shoegaze Blog for featuring my music and comparing me to such favorites as Sigur Rós and Jeff Buckley! An honor to be in the right company of all this beautiful shoegaze music.

Read the full review and check out lots of other great Shoegaze artists featured HERE.

Shoegaze blog

5 Star review in RnR Magazine

‘For Us Lonely Souls’ gets a review in RnR Magazine! Thank you Nathan Rowland for the beautiful words.
“Songs free of tired platitudes and over-extended metaphors but rather filled with deeply personal, if sometimes unintelligible, lyrics that give the album a refreshing feeling of originality”

Gus Ring R2 1 March 2020

UKs The Crack Review

“If you can’t get enough of Scandi-noir, of the aural variety, then this fella is packing some of the murky stuff”
UKs Magazine The Crack hits the spot describing me as Scandi-noir and darkpop indie in their review of ‘For Us Lonely Souls’ to be found in their newly released March issue.

Gus Ring The Crack March 2020

RELEASE DAY! For Us Lonely Souls

Today ’For Us Lonely Souls’ is finally out on CD and Vinyl as well as all digital streaming platforms thanks to Kick The Flame Publishing and everyone who has helped crowdfunding the record. Be prepared, for this record is a dark and brutally honest one.

Apple Music:



To celebrate the release of my new album ’For Us Lonely Souls’ on the 28th of February I will hit the road early March for some special shows through Germany. This time I will bring Jolanda Moletta (from SHE OWL) on keyboards and Jack Grewe on drums. It will be more loud, quiet, psychedelic, epic, atmospheric and beautiful than ever.

7/3 – FÜRSTENWALDE – Parkclub Fürstenwalde
10/3 – STUTTGART – Cafe Galao
11/3 – BOCHUM – BASTION Bochum
14/3 – REICHENBACH IM VOGTLAND – City Happening


Echoes and Dust premieres new live session

Surprise surprise! Today Echoes And Dust premieres a brand new live session of ‘Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?’. I am incredibly thankful to be joined by Jolanda Moletta from SHE OWL on keyboards and Leon Griese from THE SOMNAMBULIST on drums.
“In a warm mystic haze that might lead your thoughts to movies like Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive, Gus Ring’s fragile yet powerful voice and soaring ambient guitar mends perfectly into Leon Griese’s dark jazz drumming, Jolanda Moletta’s haunting vocals, heavy mellotron bass and sharp oriental leads.”

Watch the  live session HERE.


HELP CROWDFUND For Us Lonely Souls!

I never thought I’d do this, but after having multiple people encouraging this independent Swede, I am now taking the step; I am starting a crowdfunding campaign to make the CD and Vinyl production for my upcoming album “For Us Lonely Souls” possible – and YOU can help! If you want to see this happen you can either leave a donation of choice or purchase any of the merch or special items listed on my Indiegogo page – you’ll get there by clicking HERE.

Let’s make this happen! Thank you.

Drefvet Interview

Ricky from my favorite Swedes in Drefvet did a long and very honest in-depth interview with me earlier this summer. Talking about different kinds of darkness, the struggles of keeping your art honest while surviving as a musician, how my songs come to life and the concept of my new album (Swedish only).


For Us Lonely Souls is now everywhere

The second single and title track from my upcoming album “For Us Lonely Souls” is today available on all streaming platforms.



This is the song that opened my mind for the future. It helped me find the reason I share my music at all. I am a troubled soul in a world where I really have to struggle to find my place. But I want to believe I can, and that we all can. This is the reason I create at all, to understand this world and to be able to connect with you, and music is the most absolute way for me to do it.


Thank you Comeherefloyd for following my journey, having a peak through my GR-sunglasses and writing such a poetic review about “Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?” – Read the full review HERE.

“Gus Ring writes songs with a chip on his shoulders. A look at the world is different from a pair of GR sunglasses. It’s rose tinted, but never long enough to bring the kind of coma to your reality.”


Zone Nights

Gracias ZoneNights for your beautiful words about my new single! Read the whole review HERE.

“La canción, es más que atrapante, su sonido envolvente y atmosférico, lo hace único, siendo así una opción más que interesante para personalizar tu biblioteca musical.”



Today Backseat Mafia​ premieres ”Will I Be Alone For the Rest Of My Life?, the first single from my upcoming album “For Us Lonely Souls” – click HERE to be the first to hear it!

“Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?” has this gothic shroud cloaked over it… with a chorus that sits, like a black raven, on your shoulder. And never leaves.”

WIBA Premiere.jpg

Nordic Music Reviews

“I’m captivated straight from the start. It’s a fragile, melancholy opening, which similarly to many tracks on that ‘Hypnoseas’ album, uses sparse instrumentation. Totally exposed, the attention shifts onto the lyrics which are poignant and powerful.”

Thank you for this beautiful review and your continuos support Nordic Music Review 🖤Read the full review HERE.
nordic music reviews

ZoneNights Argentina!

“Es una canción que con solo dar play invita a dar un interminable viaje musical a través de sus melodías.”

Muchas gracias ZoneNights for writing such beautiful words and sharing the music video for “You Deserve So Much More” with Argentina! 🖤 Read the full review and watch the video HERE.

skärmavbild 2019-01-05 kl. 12.22.38

Come Here Floyd

Thank you Comeherefloyd for really letting my music into your hearts with THIS beautiful review!

“When the chorus hits, your emotions well up with upheaval. Much of the angst and past memories of disappointments and tragedies, frighteningly come up to the surface, and you get angry. Angry about how things have come to this point in time. Angry about how you have been used up like a throw away can. Angry – that the world seems to be against you. But then the supple and empathetic picking and vocals of Gus, calms your soul, in parallel to the person you really ARE. ‘You Deserve So Much More’ is powerful, and in this realm of empowerment, a switch must be turned on. You can’t change the past, so you have only one path to salvation.”